Project 001 Simple arduino persistance of vision circuit

I’m just getting back into some Arduino programming after a long break and found this very simple project to create a POV display.  The simple sketch can be found at

I had thought I might use it as a fixture on my Zero electric motorbike to display the word ‘electric’ as I rode passed.  Reviewing the code has been a useful reminder of the very basics, however I think the manufacture of something ‘roadworthy’ does not merit the effort at this time.


What might be a useful excercise if this were to be used with @stemexcel students might be to do with transcribing the required lettering into the code.  Also, some nice calculations could be done with the delays in the code to work out the size of the lettering given a certain speed of travel.

So for future development, some kind of simple wand that can be ‘swished about’ might be needed with the LEDs on it to use as the display.  Worth thinking about I think.