Zero ZF9 Maintenance – waterproofing 1


Bike: Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle
Owned for: 3 months
Mileage: 2700


A couple of weeks ago my Zero ran flat within a few miles reaching the ‘reserve’ level, with two bars flashing.  This was unexpected as I had thought it would have at least 20 miles left in the tank, so to speak.  It was raining heavily at the time so it may have been due to water ingress somewhere, perhaps above the battery.  It seemed a good idea to get on with some more waterproofing.  So this blog is about my attempt to stop water splashing up into the fusebox area from the front wheel.

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Zero ZF9 Maintenance – incorrect ‘Charger connected’ warning

Bike: Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle
Owned for: 4 weeks
Mileage: 2083

I wash my Zero using a watering can (triple wax) and brush first of all, followed by an application of wax on the fibreglass.

Today I started the bike after the wash phase, only to find that the motor would not engage and the warning light was flashing the 1-2 pattern, meaning (according to the manual) that the charger was still connected.  Only it wasn’t of course.

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