Autonomous UAV Coding Summer School – UWE Bristol Follow Up

Summer School 2018
Mechatronics Cohort from  Ecole des Mines d’Ales

UWE Bristol has been hosting 40 students from the prestigious Ecole des Mines d’Ales for the last four weeks for a Summer School in coding.

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Autonomous UAV Coding Summer School – sneak peak

22 students from France will be spending the next two weeks building and coding autonomous drones as part of the UWE Bristol Summer School.  Along with Miles Isted s’Jacob, I am delighted to be leading on this activity and have produced a short sneak peek video of the challenge to share.

So six team drones racing autonomously on a single track? What’s not to like?

Code is based on that used for MAAXX Europe, so Python Dronekit, with ArduCopter on Pixhawk.  However, the final code will be posted on my github at the end of the Summer School.