Zero ZF9 Maintenance – waterproofing 1


Bike: Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle
Owned for: 3 months
Mileage: 2700


A couple of weeks ago my Zero ran flat within a few miles reaching the ‘reserve’ level, with two bars flashing.  This was unexpected as I had thought it would have at least 20 miles left in the tank, so to speak.  It was raining heavily at the time so it may have been due to water ingress somewhere, perhaps above the battery.  It seemed a good idea to get on with some more waterproofing.  So this blog is about my attempt to stop water splashing up into the fusebox area from the front wheel.


  1. Remove the ‘tank’ cover as shown in my previous post.  It’s clear from the image below that the wiring and connectors in this area are exposed to water sprayed up from behind the front wheel.  The top of the battery pack is clearly visible below the wiring, indicating the area is fairly open to ingress.P1050211
  2. A triangular piece of waterproof material attached to the underside of the frame behind the headstock should prevent most of the spray getting into this area.  However, the bend in the frame means that the material would have to be flexible and of course rugged.  After considering varying options, including Perspex sheet and pond-liner, I chose to use some PC soundproofing from Quiet PC (which I admittedly had lying around).  This is flexible, yet still quite stiff and is very sticky on one kr kr
  3. I cut a rough triangle, removing just enough of the backing to stick to the underside of the frame on each side.  A notch at the front left of the headstock allows the throttle wiring to pass in without compromising the waterproofing too much.
  4. Finally, any material still protruding beyond the frame can be cut with a pair of kitchen scissors.  This produced a neat finish, barely visible except when peering underneath.WP_001325 WP_001326 WP_001327
  5.  Re-assemble tank cover
    – Front bolt (loosely)
    – Four hex bolts (loose at first)
    – Plastic pop rivets.  Remove the core, insert the rivets then push in the core back in.
    – Adjust the position of the tank cover so as not to snag the indicator stems on full lock, then secure all bolts.
  6. Replace the seat.

Notes and future mods:

1. Whilst this gives improved waterproofing from the underside, water could still get in from above the fusebox, around the black tank insert.

2. Keep an eye on how well the material remains stuck to the frame and any degradation over time.


Author: Mike Isted

Head of Avionics and Aircraft Software, Manna Drone Delivery.

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